We have posted several times about the very sick ABR yearling, Sycamore Bear and the problems that have caused him to be taken back to UT College of Veterinary Medicine twice since his arrival at ABR on September 13th. You may recall that when he was brought to us, it was at first assumed that he was a cub, but his exam at UTCVM proved him to be a yearling. He seemed to improve, only to suffer setbacks.

Sycamore spent time in the ICU at UT, when he arrived, and after being cleared to move to ABR, he was housed in the Hartley House and then the Red Roof Recovery Center. He was never well enough to be released into a Wild Enclosure, although he ate well (sometimes) and surely did enjoy his honey logs.

On what would be his last night at ABR, he ate a little and slept a lot. His breathing was ragged again.

Curator Coy took Sycamore back to UT on October 14th, just a month after he was admitted to ABR. The doctors did their best to stabilize him, but finally determined that continued treatment would only cause him more suffering. The always difficult decision was made to euthanize the little bear, with the approval of TWRA. Strangely, we still don’t know what was wrong with Sycamore, as a battery of tests failed to prove a diagnosis.

Rest in Peace, little Sycamore.

When we lose a cub or yearling it is incredibly sad and is painful for all of us, but to keep Sycamore alive only to continue suffering would be unconscionable. We hope that now he is happy and running free as he should be.