The rainbow triplets – Indigo, Juniper, and Lavender, were the only cubs out on another rainy day. They had an interesting time, in the same location as last year’s Beary triplets were often seen. There’s something about the Forbidden Tree that attracts cubs!

There is the Forbidden Tree, in the foreground. The cubs are gathering, and the arrow portends an activity to come.
The triplets meet to plan their course of action.
One triplet stands on a rock.
A sapling that is bendy!
Everybody helps out.
One of the triplets seems to be a lookout. Is anybody watching?
Time out – must check what’s under this rock.
One loses interest and leaves the scene.
The bendy sapling used to have leaves – guess the cubs ate them.
Watch out, triplet, the sapling may take revenge!
Sprong! Yep, that is sapling revenge, for sure!
Do it again!
Poor sapling didn’t stand a chance.

There is something about cubs and saplings – and the saplings usually get the worst of it. But one of these days we can picture a sapling launching a cub across the enclosure! Stick around.