We have some photos of various cubs and yearlings and how they spend their time at ABR.

These cubs, sleeping in various odd positions, look like they are sleeping off the effects of a wild party. (We don’t think they had any wild parties, though.)
A couple of the cubs play the cub version of tetherball.
Brothers Indigo and Juniper love to wrestle, even while climbing or playing on the Tire Bridge.
The friendship between yearlings Mulberry and Dahlia continues.
The seven cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 are all in this image, and Aralia, recently released into the enclosure, is one of them!

Clover and Sycamore, recently returned from UTCVM, are back where they belong and we hope they will be able to stay there.

Clover, back in Hartley House, resumes playing with the stuffed bear in her room. She was not limping during her first night back – good news!
Sycamore is back in his old rooms at the Recovery Center. Because of his recent breathing difficulty, the curators removed the cedar shavings from his room. He was happy to be back with his honey log!

Sycamore is still in guarded condition, and will be watched very carefully in the days to come. So will Clover, although she seems further on her road to recovery than Sycamore.