Our poor little yearling, Sycamore, has continued to have problems. After his enthusiastic munching of the Peanut Butter Pill Pockets with his medicine, he suddenly lost interest in them. In fact, he showed no interest in any of his food. Curators observed him during the night and noticed he was having trouble breathing, a sign that his pneumonia had worsened. The next morning he went back to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine. He was not cooperative with the curators or with the vets, reacting with typical bear bluster and fuss (good bear!)

He was given an injection of antibiotics and a steroid shot to get rid of inflammation in his body. The vets placed him in an oxygen chamber and put him back on the doxycicline. They kept him in the ICU overnight, and reported that he “wanted to rip their faces off.” Thie is good bear behavior, and we are glad he’s maintaining his wildness through all of this.

Sycamore shows the curators he doesn’t like humans!
Sycamore at UT, where he was eating well after waking up the next morning.

We are hoping that this treatment at UTCVM will be the turning point, and that Sycamore will continue to improve so that ABR can help him to recover and get his second chance at life in the wild, eventually. Many friends and supporters are pulling for him.