Continuing from where we left off last time, here are some additional cubs and yearlings who are getting chonkier.

In Wild Enclosure #3, Indigo excavates a hole. We recall that the Beary Triplets did the same thing last year.
What do you suppose he’s digging for? Whatever it is, he’s working very hard at it.
Here’s an unusual sight – all three yearlings sharing the same platform. It seems that Dahlia and Mulberry moved in on Augustus.
Sycamore eats the peanut butter pill pockets that contain his Doxycicline, prescribed by the UT vets to counteract suspected blood-borne parasites. Pill pockets do the trick.
Clover is eating and doing well. Her companion, Not Clover, is the worse for wear.
Aralia still likes to play with her draggy ball.

The curators are watching Aralia and Clover closely. So far, they both seem to be doing well and have stopped limping, but the curators don’t want to release them into the outdoors until they’re sure about the cubs’ condition.

Sycamore had to return to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine recently, and was given a shot of iron, a shot of a long-acting antibiotic because of suspected pneumonia,and the Doxycicline prescription. Poor little yearling has been through a lot, but he seems to be doing better. Stay tuned.