Another rainy day meant cubs in trees and out of camera range, but we have photos of the cubs who are inside the Hartley House and the Red Roof Recovery Center, as well as the yearlings. The “more mature” yearlings don’t mind the rain as much as the cubs. They carry on as usual.

Clover Bear, in Hartley House, enjoys her private feast. Her two companions don’t eat much.
Aralia, next door in the Hartley House, is eating peanuts. Both of these cubs are doing better and limping less.
Sycamore, in the Red Roof Recovery Center, likes to lie on his back. The pose gives us a chance to see his tummy is beginning to grow fur back.
The rainbow triplets were sleeping on their platform. Then it rained.
“I’m outta here,” one of the triplets climbs up into the treetops.
Mulberry and Augustus meet for one of their frequent chats.
Dahlia reclined on the wet platform. Real bears don’t mind rain.
Dahlia and Mulberry do some fur grooming.
Then the two good-looking yearlings take it easy and rest.

We want to thank those bears who did show up for these photos. All of them are doing well and looking good. Stick around – next time we may see the cubs in Wild Enclosures #1 and #2.