Our last post was very brief because of computer problems. We’re going to continue our “What is New?” update on the cubs and yearlings outdoors.

The rainbow triplets woke up. It was raining.
As we might expect, they took to the trees. The arrow shows us one cub’s nubbin end.
The yearlings were on their respective platforms.
Dahlia went down, no doubt to forage.
Mulberry crossed the Tire Bridge to visit Augustus.
Mulberry and Augustus did some sparring on the platform.
They batted and pawed at each other.
The batting and fisticuffs continued for quite a while. This was new behavior that we hadn’t seen before between them.

We are glad that the computer cooperated so we could finish the “what’s new” update. It’s always interesting to see what the bears are up to. By the way, the sparring between the two yearlings may have been new to them in this situation, but it is typical of young bears, who hone their skills by play-fighting.