When it rains, the cubs usually take to the trees, where they feel safest. This rainy day was no exception, no cubs could be seen on the enclosure cams but the intrepid bunch in Wild Enclosure #2.

The cubs were out and about, but something startled them and the scampered up a tree.
Deciding it was a false alarm, the cubs came back down one at a time.
Soon, six of the seven cubs were on the platform.
Here comes the seventh cub down the tree.
A few minutes later, all seven were foraging together.
In the Red Roof Recovery Center, Sycamore enjoys his honey log as well as an assortment of nutritious, calorie-dense fruits and nuts.
Aralia, in the Hartley House, also had an assortment of yummy foods and a honey log.
We were fortunate to get a photo of Augustus Bear resting in his favorite spot.
And a nighttime shot of Sunflower and another chubby cub. Good night, everyone!

We are glad to see that all seems to be well with the bears at ABR.