We have seen the three yearlings in Wild Enclosure #4 keeping their social distance from each other, and as we’ve said, that is normal for yearlings, who have been dispersed by their mothers and are no longer a part of a family group. But all of a sudden that social dynamic changed. Look at what has happened.

First, Dahlia and Mulberry met at the base of a tree.
Later, Augustus visited Mulberry, who was on the platform. His laid back ears indicated that Augustus was nervous, but he was the one who initiated the visit.
Mulberry seemed very relaxed. Augustus is earnest.
Augustus decided to cross the Tire Bridge to the other platform.
He changed his mind and reversed course.
He stops for a drink of Tire Water, a favorite of the bears. It probably has some tasty insects in it, and is flavored with rubber. Yum!
Oh my! Dahlia and Mulberry are sleeping on the platform together!

What next? Only time will tell. We didn’t think we’d see any interactions between these yearlings, but it looks like we were wrong and they may become friends, after all. Stay tuned.