We will start today’s post with an update on our sick little Sycamore Bear. He is now in the Red Roof Recovery Center, where he has the use of both rooms.

The good news is that he is eating and drinking well and his plumbing is working. He sleeps most of the time, which he needs to do.
He has a good assortment of foods, and seems to like all of them, even the bear pellets that aren’t always popular with our cubs.

We still have to be very guarded, as he is in a fragile state, but there is hope. Each day is a plus for Sycamore.

Aralia is back in the Hartley House. Being in the Acclimation Pen where she could see and smell the outdoors but couldn’t get to it seemed to stress her terribly. She is happier now.
In Wild Enclosure #1, Marmalade takes a dip while Harlan forages.
We can see six of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1; the seventh cub is behind the fence.
Three of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 sit in the woodpile. They like the logs and sticks, where they find tasty insects.
Two of the Rainbow Triplets are in view. The third is foraging in the underbrush.
Dahlia was the only yearling seen. The two boys were up in trees.

Everyone is OK today. All of the cubs and yearlings who are outside are doing well and chubbifying nicely. We will keep watching Sycamore and Aralia and hope they both make significant improvement.