A few days ago we posted about Bear #325 (Sycamore Bear) who arrived from Carter County TN. You may recall that he had bedded down in a ditch beside a construction site. When he was examined at UT College of Veterinary Medicine he was found to be very anemic, jaundiced, and harboring internal parasites. After being held in ICU, Sycamore did finally come to the Hartley House at ABR. Sycamore is a very sick little yearling, and will require lots of TLC and nutritious food. Here are some photos of him in Hartley House.

This picture shows how emaciated little Sycamore really is.
He sat on the tree branches in his room. They probably seemed familiar to him.
Sycamore went to his water bowl for a drink. It was a good sign that he was able to walk over there.
He ate some food and produced some scat that was a normal color. Another good sign.
Sycamore sat by his bed.
Here is where he slept for most of the night.
He got up for a middle-of-the-night snack.
He went back to sleep.
Sycamore had enough energy to walk into the other room of Hartley House.
His energy depleted, Sycamore went back to sleep.

Of course it goes without saying that sleep is what a sick little bear needs most. We are glad that he is taking advantage of the opportunity for plenty of sleep in a safe and protected place. His condition is still extremely fragile, but we will keep hoping for the best.