Yesterday we posted about the arrival of Bear #325 and stated that he was a cub. We have learned that he is actually a very underweight and depleted yearling bear – the same age as Mulberry, Dahlia, and Augustus, about nineteen months old. We apologize for the mistake. As you might guess, the fact that he is over a year old makes his situation even more dire. Apparently he has been having a lot of trouble finding food, and what he was finding did not provide the nutrition he needed. He arrived at ABR yesterday, but his condition is precarious, and the curators are extremely guarded in their prognosis. Sycamore is in Hartley House for now.

Sycamore Bear in Hartley House, lying by his food bowl.

With Sycamore moving into Hartley House, Aralia Bear, the cub who was residing there, needed to vacate the rooms. She is now in Acclimation Pen #1, and will be released into Wild Enclosure #3 in a few days.

Aralia probably is enjoying the proximity to the outdoors. She can climb, see and smell the trees, and feel less confined.

We have a few more photos to share today, also.

Sassafras Bear is looking good. Her shiny fur and chubbifying body are good signs.
Another good-looking cub – Tweetsie has grown a lot since her rescue.
Flicker and Firefly Bear – what beautiful cubs!
A pile of sleeping cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. It’s hard to tell where one ends and another begins.
Another assortment of sleeping cubbies – these are napping in the daytime.
Brothers Indigo and Juniper wrestle at the pool.
These yearlings keep their distance from one another. The third yearling in this enclosure, Augustus, is keeping his distance up a tree.

Now the count at ABR is 18 cubs and 4 yearlings. We have our fingers crossed for Sycamore Bear. All the others are doing well.