We have seen little bears at ABR tackle various projects, and our newest arrival, #324, Aralia Bear, had her own project in her rooms in Hartley House. She liked to drag her swingy ball (that doesn’t swing in her room) around. She had a problem though, her bed was in the way. Here is how she worked it out.

Aralia has a “draggy” ball, instead of a swingy ball. Note her bed has been attacked.
Aralia worked on exploding her bed to remove the stuffing. Even cubs have very sharp claws.
The bed presented her with a problem. She couldn’t drag her ball because the bed was in the way.
Look what she managed to do!
But the bed was still in the way.
She couldn’t reach the ball. Now what?
She was having difficulties, but she is a resourceful little bear.
She rolled her bed into a sausage.
There! She stands on her neatly rolled bed.
That takes care of the bed – now for the draggy ball.
Now she’s got it!
Aralia drags the ball to where she wants it.
The bed is in the way again!

We’ll leave her to her project and take a look at the bush, aralia spinosa, aka Devil’s Walking Stick, for which she is named. Mulberry likes to hide behind it when he rests on his platform.

Little bears like Aralia can be very persistent when they work on a project of their own choosing. We have seen this many times. Aralia worked until she accomplished her goal. It’s not hard to see why bears are considered to be very intelligent animals.