The three yearlings are together (but apart) in Wild Enclosure #4. Their choice to stay apart sometimes leads to unexpected drama.

The female yearling, Dahlia, makes her way to the Cubby Pool.
Mulberry appeared out of the underbrush, and both bears were startled and ran away.
After a bit, Mulberry returned to the pool.

We can’t see Dahlia (just her shadow) but Mulberry kept his eye on her.
Mulberry ran off again.
The curators flushed the pool, adding fresh water.
Mulberry came back to swim in the fresh water.
He investigates the spigot from which the water came into the pool.
Mulberry found an apple floating in the water.
He finishes his swim and heads for his resting platform.
Oh no! Dahlia Bear has moved in and is sleeping in his space!
Disgruntled Mulberry moves to the opposite platform.
He shows his annoyance by ripping up boards.
There is plenty of room and they are separated, so what’s the problem?
Augustus watched the drama from his tree.

The yearlings had drama, but the cubs mainly slept.

All but one of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1.
And here is the other cub in Wild Enclosure #1 – the reclusive Clover Bear.
All seven cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 on the platform.
The Rainbow Triplets in Wild Enclosure #3.

Yearling drama and peaceful cubbies – what a day! No telling what’s next.