We posted photos taken by professional photographer Ken LaValley, but today we return to the usual photos from our enclosure cams. They may not be as sharp as Ken’s but we think they are quite good.

Here is Harlan, the KY cub in Wild Enclosure #1.
Ferdinand is the cub who was found in a field of cows. He has grown!
Cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 are entering hyperphagia and are eating more due to that fact.
Chickadee is one of those cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. She takes a break from eating, perhaps to let her food digest a bit.
Boomer plays, digging under the barrier fence that was put up by curators to break up the space and discourage the pacing that cubs used to do.
Another use for the barriers – the cubs walk along the top, showing off their ability to balance.
Downy stands on the log pile, where cubs find tasty insects to eat.
Two of the cubs are napping, but Firefly sniffs the air. What does she smell?
Clover, another KY cub, is still a little shy and mostly keeps to herself. We hope that in time she will join with the others.
Marmalade is intrigued by the faucet in the Cubby Pool. She isn’t the first one to be interested in the source of the water.
The Rainbow Triplets found the “Forbidden Tree” in Enclosure #3. It is as interesting to them as it was to the Beary Triplets last year.

All of these photos show that our cubs are growing and thriving. All they have to do is keep eating and become chubby so they can go back to their wild habitat, which will happen in a few months.