When Ken La Valley, the official ABR professional photographer, stopped by the other day to take photos of the Rainbow Triplets, he also recorded Dahlia Bear, our female yearling, exiting the Acclimation Pen and entering Wild Enclosure #4. This put all three of our current yearlings – Mulberry, Augustus, and Dahlia together. We wonder how that will work out.

While there are seven cubs each in enclosures 1 and 2, yearlings are not social like cubs. They have been dispersed by their mothers to start leading the solitary lives that black bears lead. Fortunately, there is sufficient space in Wild Enclosure #4 for the three bears to “social distance” without a problem. Mr. Mulberry and Mr. Augustus were already staying apart, taking turns using the amenities in the enclosure. Ms Dahlia may follow the same procedure. Time will tell.

Dahlia left the Acclimation Pen daintily.
As many do, the little bear climbed a tree right away.
She explored the enclosure, stopping at the Cubby Pool for a drink.
Dahlia sniffed at the Swingy Ball.
After a few minutes of exploration, Dahlia headed into the undergrowth to hide.

It will be very interesting to see how the three yearlings work out their use of the enclosure. In the past we have had yearlings who became quite friendly, and others who maintained their separate status. Stay tuned.