As you know, Ken LaValley is the professional photographer who is permitted to photograph the cubs now and then. His photos are detailed and allow the curators to better see how the cubs are doing. He stopped by on the day that the Rainbow Triplets were released into Wild Enclosure #3.

Juniper left the Acclimation Pen without hesitation.
His “meerkat” pose allowed him to see what the enclosure was like.
He turned and scanned the enclosure.
Juniper made friends with a nearby tree.
Next, Juniper climbed a tree.
He climbed up to the resting platform. Do you think he sniffs a former resident?
Ken got a photo of Juniper’s brother Indigo as he left the Acclimation Pen.
Ken also captured their sister, Lavender, as she rested in the grass.
Lavender nestled down in dry leaves.
Indigo wandered by as Lavender sat among the leaves.

Ken’s photos are so amazing! He makes the most of his professional photo equipment and his experience. His images are valuable to the curators and the vets at UT, to help them monitor the cubs and their development.