With the departure of Sparks Bear, Wild Enclosure #3 became vacant. Our three sibling cubs, #321 (Indigo) 322 (Juniper) and 323 (Lavender) aka the Rainbow Triplets, because of their colorful names and ear tags, had been reunited in an Acclimation Pen.

The three cubs were glad to be back together again.

It was time for them to be outside.

Lavender was the first one to venture out of the open door.
But she went back in, having left her apple behind.
In no time, she was back outside again.
To get a better look at her new surroundings, Lavender struck her “meerkat” pose.
One of her brothers soon followed.
Then the other brother came out.
The triplets explored their enclosure and tried the Cubby Pool.
They were in and out of the pool several times.
They tried out the resting platform.
And engaged in some sibling pummeling.

Another move took place, also. The female yearling, #320 (Dahlia) has been in an Acclimation Pen, waiting to get out into a Wild Enclosure. At last, Dahlia was released into Wild Enclosure #4, and she entered the enclosure in a mature, ladylike manner befitting a yearling bear.

Dahlia sniffed the air through the open gate. Undoubtedly she could smell the other two yearlings.
She went out calmly, and . . .
. . . disappeared into the undergrowth.
Dahlia is out there somewhere – we can’t spot her, but hope she will be happy while she is here.

So now the cubs have been shuffled and reassigned to new quarters. They are sure to like these enclosures better than their previous locations. It will be interesting to see how the three yearlings work out their relationships in Wild Enclosure #4.