On August 28th, Sparks was safely immobilized in the Acclimation Pen where he had spent the night (after being lured inside by those grapes smeared with honey).

The Park Ranger and ABR curators took Sparks off of the truck and carried him to the release staging area.
His eyes were covered to prevent drying out, since immobilized bears can’t blink.
His teeth were healthy and strong.
Park Intern Kara helped Ranger Greg monitor Sparks’ temperature.
He was measured from one end to the other.
Look at those huge paws!
He will grow into his paws, and it looks like he’ll be a mighty big bear!
Sparks was weighed. His weight was 81 pounds, a reversal of the 18 pound arrival weight.
Curator Coy took a fur sample.
Curators Terry and Coy lifted Sparks into the transport carrier.
Sparks was checked in the transport carrier, to make sure he was completely awake before departure.
Sparks Bear was on his way home!
Released to the Wild!
Off he goes, a wild and free bear!
Goodbye and Good Luck, Sparks! Stay safe!

With the release of Bear #304 – Sparks the yearling, ABR had another success story. Sparks spent just over three months in our care, and was returned to the wild as a healthy yearling bear. As always, we wish him a long, healthy life and hope that he is able to avoid people and the dangers they represent.