Now that ABR has 17 cubs, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Today we present photos of several of the cubs, doing what cubs do.

Juniper, one of our recent arrivals, is in the Hartley House until he finishes his worm meds.
Lavender, Juniper’s sister, is also taking the medication. She is in Acclimation Pen #1.
Harlan relaxes on the platform while he plans his next move.
We can see parts, but not all of Tweetsie Bear in this picture.
Flicker seems to be interested in the stick on top of the culvert den.
Boomer is ready for action, as soon as he decides what action to take.
Marmalade is a little smaller than the rest of the cubs. She seems to be a bit of a loner.
All but one of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 are foraging through the wood pile, where they find tasty insects.
What did you find, Firefly and Sunflower?
Three of the cubs hanging out in the wood pile. It seems to be a favorite place for them to congregate, as well as forage.

With so many little bears, we have to feature a few in each post. Atay tuned, we’ll have more next time.