The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 were busy with cub things, and the camera spotted all of them.

Look at this – six cubs in a row, and the seventh one sitting on a sapling!
Three of the cubs were enjoying the woodpile. It’s no doubt a good place to find bugs.
Boomer relaxes as he looks for tasty insects.
Sometimes you just have to take a break. Chickadee chills out.
Her foot is in the air. Very casual and nonchalant.
She found a nice stick to chew on.
Firefly is intent on finding yummy bugs. This is a good place to look.
Suddenly it started to rain – the cubs took to the trees in a flash. That’s what cubs do.
Sparks seems so much older and calmer as a yearling! Here he is, sleeping on his platform.

The seven-month-old cubs are much more active than the nineteen-month-old yearling. What a difference a year makes!