In our last post we shared some of the wonderful portraits of cubs that our designated photographer, Ken LaValley, took of those little bears who decided to cooperate the other day. Here are a few more.

Dumplin’ has a leaf! Will he eat it? He might.
Marmalade came out of the Acclimation Pen, cautiously.
She was so cautious that she kept her foot on that top step, just in case…..
Ken captured a beautiful image of Raven, looking as glossy and black as her namesake.
Boomer has a thoughtful look.
Ken got an appropriate background in this picture of Firefly.

Ken was also able to capture photos of two of the yearlings.

Mulberry is shaggy with his winter coat, but he’ll lose it and will be a sleek all over as his face and arms are now.
This photo shows how portly our first yearling, Sparks, has become. He’s a big bear now!
We posted a photo comparing the size of Ken’s camera with the one the curators use. Here is where Ken waits to get those awesome shots.

We will look forward to another time when the rest of the bears will cooperate and appear for their portraits.