After focusing on Sparks Bear in our last post, we are looking at several other bears today, to see what they are doing.

We start with a photo of a Cubby Nubbin – we don’t know who it is, but it shows how small a bear’s tail is.
Cubs like to walk on the “balance beam” – that is, the top of the dividers that were placed in the enclosures to break up the space and minimize pacing.
Sunflower Pear sits in a patch of sunshine in Enclosure #2.
Clover seems to be shy. She hasn’t yet joined the gang in Wild Enclosure #2. Like humans, bears have different personalities and some are more extroverted, others more introverted.
Flicker Bear is either getting a drink from the faucet that dispenses the water or trying to make a plumbing repair (that is not needed).
Even though he’s the “new cub” Boomer has become a part of the group in his enclosure.
The most recent arrival, Dahlia Bear, is relaxing in Acclimation Pen #4. She will be out in the Wild Enclosure soon.
Mulberry Bear is the yearling in Enclosure #4. Dahlia will be joining him very soon.

All of the ABR cubs and yearlings are doing well and working on their chubbifying jobs.