Sparks Bear, our first yearling who arrived in May, is in Wild Enclosure #3, which he has to himself. He has enjoyed the swingy ball in the enclosure, and today we have a great sequence of photos of Sparks and the Swingy Ball. You just may find yourself chuckling as you check them out.

We start with Sparks sleeping peacefully on his platform.

Doesn’t he look relaxed and comfortable?
First thing in the morning, he paid a visit to the Swingy Ball.
Sparks grabbed the ball and bit at it.
The Swingy Ball fought back, and Sparks went down!
The Swingy Ball knocked Sparks completely down, head over heels!
Sparks stood tall, to show the ball he was in charge.
The ball didn’t get the best of Sparks. They will no doubt play this game again!

Sparks is the largest of our yearlings after having the ABR enhanced diet for three months. As soon as the natural foods in the wild are sufficient, he will be released back to his home.