We’ve been updating you on the bears at ABR, and in this post we continue to do that.

Harlan is halfway across the Tire Bridge. Is he going to finish crossing, or take a nap?
Harlan at the Cubby Pool. He really likes the water.
Looks like he went into the pool. He comes out dripping wet.
Sassafras peeks around the tree. What a cutie!
Clover Bear doesn’t show herself very often, but here she is in a tree.
Clover came down to the platform, giving us the chance to see her better.
Tweetsie relaxes on the platform. She has grown since her arrival.
Boomer Bear in his Acclimation Pen. He will be released into the Wild Enclosure soon, and it can’t be too soon for him!
Mulberry is one of the yearling bears at ABR.
Mulberry climbs a tree in his enclosure.
Sparks, another yearling, has been with us since May. He has chubbified nicely.
In Hartley House, Marmalade Bear, our newest cub, plays with her bowl. We think she may be asking for more food.

So there you have it – the bear updates for now. As you can plainly see, all of the cubs and yearlings are doing well and working at their main job, which is to chubbify and get ready to return to the wild.