The ABR cubs, having been orphaned, don’t have mother bears around to teach them or tell them what to do and not do. However, since they have all the information about being a bear in their innate makeup, they do very well, learning as they go along and interacting with other cubs. In other words. they self-teach and teach each other.

Two of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 drink from their Cubby Pool. On recent hot days they have used the pool a lot. Smart bears!
Three cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. Note: that’s not Ferdinand, it is probably Flicker Bear.
Where did everybody go? Downy is left alone in the pool.
Back in Enclosure #1, Tweetsie, relaxing, shows off her round tummy. Good bear!
Now Downy sits on top of the Culvert Den.
Wonder what has attracted Firefly’s attention. She sniffs the air, getting information about . . . something.
Sparks Bear enjoying his pool. Note the safety log and cinder block that he removed from the pool. Bears are strong – even yearling bears!
Sparks finds apples in his pool. Yum!
Firefly and Sunflower are having a serious conversation, or so it appears.
Downy is completely relaxed as she reclines on the ground.

All is well with the ABR bears. They are doing what bear cubs do, and learning from each other.