It was a rainy day, and the only bears in view were a couple of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1. The others were hidden in underbrush or up trees.

Tweetsie is very relaxed on the platform.
She strikes a pose that reminds us of pinups from long ago.
Tweetsie and Ferdinand hang out near to each other.
Tweetsie is a pretty little bear, even when she’s wet from the rain.
Tweetsie and her friend take a snooze together.
Tweetsie reclines, looking as if she’s watching a TV show.
Ferdinand attacks a sapling and proceeds to murdalize it.
Uh-oh! The sapling dumped Ferdinand in the grass!

We’re glad that Tweetsie and Ferdinand cooperated and appeared for the camera in their enclosure. Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of some of the others next time.