In an animal rescue operation like Appalachian Bear Rescue there are moments of extreme sadness as well as moments of joy. It’s been said that we experience a roller coaster of emotions. This is one of those times when we have sadness and joy almost simultaneously.

The sad news is that when Curator Coy took little Chicory Bear to UT College of Veterinary Medicine for her follow-up visit, the vets and orthopedic surgeons determined that she was suffering from osteonecrosis of the hip. To treat this condition would have required multiple surgeries now and in the future, leaving her disabled and unreleasable. After the UT vets conferred with the vets and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in Louisiana, the decision was made to humanely euthanize the cub. RIP, Chicory Bear.

The happy news is that later that day we admitted a male COY (cub-of-the-year)from Cocke County, TN. The cub, who is about 6 months old, was orphaned (we don’t know how) but he is healthy and weighed 27.5 pounds. After he finishes his course of worm meds, the curators plan to introduce him to Clover Bear in Hartley House. This cub is ABR #317 and his nickname is Boomer.

A sad “goodbye” to Chicory and a happy “hello” to Boomer Bear.

The emotional roller coaster took a few dips and turns on July 30th.