Sparks Bear, our yearling who came to ABR in May, was in Wild Enclosure #4. But he didn’t seem as comfortable there after the other yearling, Mulberry, arrived recently. So the curators decided to try and encourage Sparks to go through the gate into Enclosure #3. Sardines did the trick. Sparks followed his nose and entered the enclosure next door. What a change in his attitude! Instead of hiding in the farthest corner of the enclosure, he is out and about, enjoying the amenities.

He soaked in his drinking tub, even though it’s a tight fit for him.
He went swimming in the Cubby Pool, which gave him much more room.
He had fun with the new swingy ball.
Sparks tried out the new resting platform in his new enclosure.
He investigated the connection of the Firehose Hammock – no doubt trying to figure out how to disconnect it.
His winter coat is almost gone. There are just a few little tufts on his back.
He seems happy with his new digs.
It’s a good time for a nap.

Sparks is a healthy-looking yearling. He seems to be more comfortable now that the “other yearling” is no longer so close. Two months at ABR have given Sparks a new lease on life.