The yearling in today’s post is Mulberry, who is in Acclimation Pen #4. He is getting used to it, sort of, but we know he’d rather be outside.

Mulberry checks out his water tub. The weather has been hot!
It looks like he is trying to dive in. Don’t do that, Mulberry! It’s too shallow!
Mulberry gets his front wet but keeps his nubbin out of the water.
He has his own unique style to taking a dip but he’s doing well.
There is Sparks (thanks to the arrow). He is as far from Mulberry as he can get.
Sparks is playing with the remains of the old swingy ball. Hope you saw the video of Sparks playing with his new swingy ball.

The two cubs in the title are the little females in Hartley House.

Clover is a very active sleeper.
One position is to curl up like a ball.
Sometimes she is on her bed…..
….and sometimes she is off the bed.
Chicory is in full frontal sploot by her food bowl.

The yearling and the cubs are all getting along well, though the curators notice that Chicory is still favoring her right back leg. In another week or so she will return to the UTCVM for her recheck.