Curators noticed that Chicory Bear was limping and favoring her right back leg. Luck was with them when they tried to capture her for a trip to UT. The vets at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine examined her. At first they diagnosed her with hip dysplasia, a birth defect. However, that condition usually appears in both hips, and Chicory only has a problem with the one. So after pain meds, she was sent back to ABR to be housed in Hartley House for 3-4 weeks, to strengthen the muscles in her right leg while in a safe environment where she can be monitored carefully and curators can intervene if necessary. Chicory had not gained any weight since her arrival a month ago, so having her in Hartley House permits them to enrich her diet by the addition of full fat yogurt in addition to the usual fruits, bear pellets, and nuts. She loves grapes, but they won’t put on the needed weight. After just a couple of days back in Hartley House she seems to be tolerating it well.

Chicory on her bed, with the tree branches covering her.
Chicory has a big bowl of food. Hopefully, she will gain weight. She does like to eat, but it may be that pain kept her from eating as much as she would have. The curators are watching carefully to make sure that she is eating enough.
In Wild Enclosure #3, Harlan rests on the ground while Sassafras forages.
These two little bears have become friends and are seldom seen apart from each other.

Little bear cubs form sibling-like bonds easily, especially when they are orphans, as these are. It doesn’t bother them at all that they come from different states – Harlan from Kentucky and Sassafras from Tennessee.