On Wednesday evening, June 23rd, ABR took custody of a severely injured bear cub from Alabama. The little bear had been hit by a car in Northern Alabama, and was checked at the scene of the accident by a paramedic and an Alabama wildlife officer. The wildlife officer contacted ABR and was assured that we would do whatever we could. Concerned that the cub might not survive the trip to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine in Knoxville, arrangements were made for the cub to be examined in Chattanooga, an hour and a half closer. Dr. Chris Keller, of The Mountain Hospital for Animals, performed surgery to repair the cub’s split mandible. Sadly, the little cub did not wake up after the surgery. It was suspected that she had a brain injury. Several people and agencies tried to give the cub a second chance; unfortunately, it was not to be.

Because ABR had agreed to take the cub, even though she never made it to our facility she became one of ours, officially. Cub #312 was given the nickname Whisper Bear. She is now in a better place, and free of pain.

We are sad that Whisper Bear could not be helped.

We know that not every rescue ends happily. This is one who didn’t, despite the efforts of multiple, caring people