Bear cubs are truly skilled acrobats. They spend so much time in trees and are so comfortable and at home in them that they are almost arboreal. One little cub in this sequence of photos got herself twisted up as she tried her dismount from The Tire Bridge. It’s a hoot to watch her.

The cubs met at The Tire Bridge.
Up you go!
Two cubs meet on Tire Bridge. Traffic got tied up.
Firefly has one tire to herself. The cubs find various snacky things inside the tires.
Firefly decides to climb down. Easier said than done.
Uh-oh! Looks like Firefly is stuck!
Firefly is persistent as she tries to untangle herself.
She keeps trying. It almost looks as though she’s asking for help from another cub who pays no attention to her.
She is descending head first, it seems.
She is an acrobatic cub, for sure!
Firefly is still upside down, as she tries to descend. The other cub is not impressed.
She has almost got it now!
There you go, Firefly!
Successful dismount! Yay, Firefly! That was (almost) Olympics-worthy!

We have to admit that Firefly Bear showed acrobatic skill as she descended from The Tire Bridge. It might not have been the most graceful exit, but she succeeded and was gaining strength and confidence as she did so.