Chicory Bear is the most recent admission to our cub class of 2020. She has been with us almost a week now, and is doing well in The Hartley House, where she has the use of all rooms. She is eating everything that the curators serve to her, and at this rate she will be big enough to join the three cubs out in Wild Enclosure #1 sooner rather than later.

She looks very small in this room, but we can see that she is eating her food.
After she eats, Chicory sleeps. Ms. E. Cow is on duty.
Here’s one of Chicory’s future enclosure mates, Ferdinand, sitting on the platform in Enclosure #1.
Ferdinand shifts to show his handsome profile.
He is definitely posing. Note that the fur is growing back on his arm that was shaved when he was at UTCVM.
Tweetsie has tired herself out. She takes a nap to recharge her batteries.
Dumplin’, Tweetsie’s brother, has glowing eyes, but they will soon close as he goes to sleep.
Over in Wild Enclosure #2, Flicker tired himself out and stopped for a midday nap.
He needed a long nap to recharge his batteries.
Another cub in Enclosure #2, Downy is recharging her batteries, also.
Downy and a friend recharge together. Being an active cub is hard work!
A pile of cubs in Wild Enclosure #2.
Yearlings get tired, too. Here’s Sparks taking a siesta on his platform.

All of the cubs play hard and need to recharge their batteries frequently. So they simply stop, drop where they are, and sleep for as long as necessary.