Recently we posted about the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. Today we continue along that theme, and include the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1.

It’s very difficult to get all of the cubs in an enclosure (there are 5 in enclosure #2) into one shot. If we manage to get all but one, we feel fortunate.

Four of the five are seen foraging in this image.
Downy Bear is intrigued by the big Culvert Den.
Despite his curiosity, he is wary of this “cave” that is bigger than he is.
Four of the cubs are near the Culvert Den, but note that they are positioned to scurry up the tree if necessary.

Moving over to Wild Enclosure #1, we check on the 3 cubs residing there.

Ferdinand Bear chews on tree bark. He may have found insects there.
All three cubs explore and forage together.
Dumplin’ Bear spies a peanut floating in the Cubby Pool. He wants it.
He tries to get at the peanut – be careful, Dumplin’!
Sploosh! In he goes!
The sound of the splash sent everyone to the tree.
Dumplin’ went back in the pool. Cautious Ferdinand stays put until he feels safe.
Dumplin’ swims as his sister Tweetsie looks on.

Sparks, the yearling, might be likened to a teenager. He was active all night, unseen. He returned to the platform at 6:00 in the morning.

Sparks on the platform. Is he finally settling down?
Sure enough. He goes to sleep and will probably snooze for several hours.

We observed some typical bear behavior today. Bear cubs are naturally curious but at the same time they are naturally cautious. Their mothers taught them that trees are their best defense in times of danger. Yearlings, on the other hand, are more carefree and less cautious, like the human teenagers they remind us of.