The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 are exploring and trying out everything in their enclosure. The various items added for their enjoyment seem to be a big hit.

Raven Bear is on the platform, navigating the step with ease.
Firefly joins her. The unrelated cubs are getting acquainted and getting along well.
Raven takes the shortcut to get to The Firehose Hammock. The cubs have been using the hammock with no problems.
Raven sees a leaf floating in The Cubby Pool. Floating things intrigue these little bears.
Moving over to the Drinking Tub, Raven, Chickadee, and Firefly see more floaters.
Chickadee snags a floating leaf.
Raven takes the leaf away from her sister.

Bear cubs have their own ideas about what is interesting and worth investigating or playing with. Thanks to the creativity of the curators (and Mother Nature, in the case of the leaf) there are plenty of things to captivate them and bring out their playfulness. And that means plenty of fun things for us to watch!