Our last post showed how Raven and Chickadee Bear left the Acclimation Pen and went into Wild Enclosure #2 to join the triplets. Later in the day the three Hartley House cubs left Acclimation Pen #1 to enter the adjacent enclosure. It was quite a process.

The cubs were eating in the Acclimation Pen when the door was opened.
All three of the cubs climbed up to the platform after they ate.
A few minutes later they climbed down, and Dumplin’ was the first to venture out.
Ferdinand was next, following Dumplin’.
Tweetsie climbed down and started toward the door.
She changed her mind and climbed back up to the platform.
A minute later she was back down again, headed for the door.
Dumplin’ tumbles out. Stairs are unfamiliar and hard to navigate when you are a very small cub!
There – now Dumplin’ is out!
Dumplin’ sees that Ferdinand is still inside.
A minute later, Ferdinand is out, too.
Tweetsie finally makes it outside!
The three cubs do a little exploring around the Acclimation Pen and The Hartley House.

They disappeared into the underbrush and weren’t seen for a few minutes while they were running through the tall grass.

They emerged at the opposite end of their enclosure.
After expending all that energy, the cubs pause for a short rest.
Tweetsie and Dumplin’ continue their exploration. Ferdinand starts to dig a hole.

We’ll take a break and look at calm, relaxed Sparks Yearling. Guess he doesn’t need to be so active – he went through the cub phase last year.

Sparks Bear rests on his platform. He is so much more mature.

So now the cubs are all outside in their respective Wild Enclosures and the fun is just starting. It will be interesting to watch them as they get used to their new habitat and the many surprises that await them.