We shared the preparations for the Big Move that resulted in all of the bear cubs being in new spaces. So now we’ll share the photos that document the moves and show where each of the cubs is now. First, though, we’ll revisit yearling Sparks Bear, who is happy in Wild Enclosure #4.

A bear at ease! Sparks enjoys his resting platform.
Sparks forages. He likes to eat!
The triplets are outside in Wild Enclosure #2!
Firefly, Flicker, and Downy follow their instincts and climb a tree.
Raven takes a bath while sister Chickadee tests the climbing log in Acclimation Pen #2.
In Acclimation Pen #1, Tweetsie checks out the food as her brother Dumplin’ seems ready to join her. Ferdinand supervises from the top level.

Now all of the bears are in larger spaces. Soon those in Acclimation Pens will be out in the Wild Enclosures. Won’t that be fun? Stay tuned.