The curators are getting ready to move the cubs into better, more suitable accommodations now that they are getting bigger and more adventurous. These photos show where the little bears are now. Tomorrow will be “moving day,” so let’s review:

The triplets, Firefly, Flicker, and Downy are mastering the Acclimation Pen, although they have been there just a couple of days.
“Hurry up,” says the cub behind. The third one is eating down below.
The leader cub doesn’t like the nip on the nubbin. “Knock it off!”

It started to rain and the three cubs rested on the platform.
In the Recovery Center, Raven is eating while Chickadee sits in her food dish. They are getting real food, no more formula!
Raven and Chickadee roll around in the cedar chips.
Sparks Bear has discovered Jessamine’s place. He is very close to where Jessamine made her daybed.
Sparks frequently rests on the platform in his enclosure. He is the only one of the bears who will not be moving. He will stay in Wild Enclosure #4 until time for his release.
The Hartley House cubs and their Not a Polar Bear are all sound asleep.

The next post will show the cubs in their new digs. Soon, things will get interesting and there will be a lot to see! Be sure to stay tuned.