We continue from yesterday’s post, with more photos of the cubs and their eating (and other activities).

Dumplin’ and Tweetsie get together at the Hammock Swing. What are they plotting?
Dumplin’ Bear plays with Ms. M. Cow. She is certainly popular!
Dumplin’ takes Ms. M. Cow into the other room. Looks like Tweetsie is not pleased..
Dumplin’ takes Ms. Cow onto the bed. Meanwhile, Ferdinand rolls in the cedar chips and Tweetsie watches from the doorway.
The two male cubs wrestle on the bed while Tweetsie plays with the large bear (Not a Polar Bear).
Dumplin’ holds Ms. Cow on the bed.
Two of the cubs tussle over Ms. M. Cow.
Ferdinand with Ms. Cow – after all, she was his to begin with.

Let’s move over to the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Raven and Chickadee are sleeping peacefully.
The curators had installed a contraption designed to keep cubs’ food from spilling. It doesn’t work too well.
The sisters have a special salad bar of fruits and lettuce. Yum!

And what is happening in Wild Enclosure #4?

Sparks Bear is in there somewhere, but Mr. Crow has come to breakfast early.
Oh – there he is! Sparks is sleeping late this morning.
Mr. Crow helps himself to a pear.
Mr. Crow takes off. We hope he said “Thanks” before he left. Sparks still hasn’t come down to eat, but he will.

Everything is going well at ABR. All of the ursine residents and the native wildlife seem to be thriving.