On June 2nd three more cubs-of-the-year came to ABR! They are siblings from Sevier County, TN. There is no word about what happened to leave them without their mother, but it seems that she was taking good care of them. Their exam at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine showed them to be in good health. Cub #307, a female nicknamed Firefly Bear, weighed 15 pounds; cub #308, a male nicknamed Flicker Bear, weighed 17.6 pounds, and their sister #309, nicknamed Downy Bear, weighed 13.2 pounds. For cubs of their age (4 months old) those are good weights. Here they are on arrival.

Left to right – Firefly, Flicker, and Downy Bear at UTCVM.

As usual, the three siblings are on worm medication to get rid of parasites. Until that is accomplished they are residing in Acclimation Pen #2. When they are ready for a Wild Enclosure, they will go right out into enclosure #2.