Since the main job of cubs at ABR is eating, we have some scenes of our cubbies eating today. They are very cooperative, eating pretty much everything that the curators offer.

Breakfast is ready in The Hartley House. Here come the cubs.
The three cubs are eating soft foods that include cherries, blueberries, and yogurt in addition to their bear milk replacement formula.
Tweetsie and Dumplin’ notice that Ms. M. Cow has moved to the Firehose Swing. How did that happen?
Tweetsie rescues Ms. M. Cow, pulling her off of the swing.
Then Tweetsie uses Ms. M. Cow as a step, to climb up on the swing.
Dumplin’ follows his sister’s lead. Ms. M. Cow makes a good step for him, also.
Tweetsie plays with Ms. M. Cow.

Our next post will continue the story of the cubs, including the siblings in the Red Roof Recovery Center, Sparks Bear, and their varied adventures. Watch for it.