In our last post we told how the curators have expanded the diet for the cubs as they direct them toward eating more solid food and wean them from the bear milk replacement formula. We saw that the Hartley House cubs were very appreciative of the blueberries and cherries. How about the siblings Raven and Chickadee Bear? Let’s see.

The menu for the two sisters is very similar to that for cubs in The Hartley House, with the addition of applesauce, which contains the meds they must take.
Raven and Chickadee give their approval for the new foods.
After finishing their breakfast, the sisters take a nap.
Time for exercise – Chickadee practices her balance moves.

And out in the Wild Enclosure…….

Yearling Sparks Bear is on his resting platform.
So long – Sparks is moving on. He doesn’t stay in view for very long. He’s off to forage in the underbrush, where he will find his own fruit.
Speaking of fruit – just look at all the yummy fruits that ABR has for the bears!

Our yearling had already been eating solid foods like blueberries and cherries, but the cubs need to get used to these foods. When they can give up their formula they will be ready for the Acclimation Pen and then a Wild Enclosure of their own.