The three cubs in The Hartley House are active sleepers. They don’t stay in one place long.

The three cubs sprawl on the floor to sleep.
Sometimes they sleep in a cubby pile with or without “Not a polar bear.”
Sometimes one or the other will sleep in the Firehose Hammock.
More moving lands them under the hammock.
Their breakfast is laid out neatly in the next room.
Dumplin’ and Tweetsie are the first ones to arrive.
Ferdinand joins the party.
Uh-oh! Dumplin’ has a spill.
Ferdinand comes to see what happened. It’s still good. Let’s lick it up.
Full tummies=sleepy cubs. Time for a nap.
Tweetsie has a unique method for drinking water.
Asleep again. Any bets on how long it will last?

Ferdinand, Dumplin’ and Tweetsie Bear are doing what they are supposed to do – eating and sleeping. They will grow quickly at this rate.