Our last post was centered on the three cubs in The Hartley House, so this time we move over to the Red Roof Recovery Center. As you know, the sisters Raven and Chickadee Bear are quarantined for 3 weeks to get rid of the ringworm fungus before they can join the other cubs.

Raven and Chickadee sleep on their “not a polar bear.”
In the early morning, the cubs decide to play. No one can tell them “no”, so racing into the culvert den seems like a good thing to do.
Later in the morning, the sisters try to drag their bear into the other room in the recovery center. That’s quite a task for two little cubs.

And as for the yearling, Sparks Bear?

Waking up, Sparks tends to his foot. Bears lick and bite their feet to take care of their footpads.
Earlier, Sparks was sleeping on his platform. It appears that his belly is getting bigger. Good bear!
Day has dawned, and Sparks wakes up. Soon he will go down to have breakfast. Keep eating, Sparks!

It looks like all of our residents are putting on the weight they need. Good bears!