Our last post ended when Ferdinand and Dumplin’ went from their room into the room where Tweetsie was spending the night. She was sleeping quietly, unlike the two boys.

Tweetsie slept peacefully on her bed. No roaming around for her!
She got up in the early am to use the facilities.
Using proper bear protocol, she backed away from her bed, as a bear does in the wild to avoid soiling its daybed.
She stopped for a quick snack before returning to her bed.
Soon she was back in bed and asleep.
Ferdinand and Dumplin’ enter her room.
Dumplin’ checks his sister, while Ferdinand heads to the food bowls.
The two boys chow down while Tweetsie sleeps.
Ferdinand and Dumplin’ move to another bowl of food.
They will soon discover that Curator Coy laid out a dining area in the next room.
Tweetsie discovers the dining area first.
Tweetsie eats a bit from one of the bowls.
The two boys arrive and go into the dining area.
Ferdinand is eating while Dumplin’ walks on the frame.
Dumplin’ seems more interested in playing. Ferdinand starts in on the second bowl.
Dumplin’ continues to play; Ferdinand works on the third bowl. He’ll have a very full tummy after this!

The curators have released Sparks Bear, our yearling, into Wild Enclosure #4. This is where he’ll spend the rest of his time at ABR.

Sparks seems much happier out in the Wild Enclosure.
He seems to be enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and grass.
He discovered the platform and climbed up to rest. He seems content.

All the little bears are doing well and seem to be getting a good start in their lives at ABR.