Ferdinand and Dumplin’ Bear shared a room in The Hartley House for the night. You’ll recall that they have the use of all rooms. We have photos that show how very active these little cubs are in their sleep. They don’t lie still!

The arrows point them out. Green is Ferdinand, yellow is Dumplin’.
We can see that Ms. M. Cow is on duty tonight.
The boys have moved again. Head chomping is a traditional cub activity. Ferdinand chomps on Dumplin’s head.
Ferdinand and Dumplin’ sleep here…….
….then they sleep there…..
Ferdinand and Dumplin’ sleep EVERYWHERE!
They come back together, like two magnets attracted to each other.
Is it time to wake up? No, not yet.
An hour later – Ferdinand goes to check the other room.

And what will they find in the next room? Where is Tweetsie? What is she doing? In spite of the excessive activity while asleep, the two boys may be ready to start the day. We’ll see in our next post, and will also check in on the yearling, Sparks Bear, to see how he’s getting along.