It’s been a busy and exciting few days at ABR, so we’ll spread this out over two or three posts. The three little cubs are together now, but it was a gradual process. The curators opened all the doors, giving the cubs access to all three rooms in The Hartley House.

Tweetsie Bear wandered into the second room. She found a snack.
She explored the room, finding Ms. M. Cow, the bed, and the stuffed bears.
Tweetsie explores some more. She hasn’t discovered that there is another room as yet.
In the next room, Ferdinand and Dumplin’ can smell the outside when they are near the gate to the Acclimation Pen.
Dumplin’ comes in for a snack. Tweetsie retreats into the corner.
Dumplin’ approaches Tweetsie, but she stays in the corner. She appears to be nervous – doesn’t she recognize her brother?
Tweetsie is still in the corner, but Dumplin’ got on the bed. Ferdinand wandered into the room.

What will happen next? Will Tweetsie stay in the corner, or will she come out to get reacquainted with her brother and meet Ferdinand? We’ll continue the saga in our next post. Stick around.