Our little female cub, Tweetsie Bear, is in her own room since her return from UTCVM. She is a busy little bear cub as she explores and plays with the things in the room.

Tweetsie sleeps on Ms. E. Cow, instead of on her bed.
She decides Ms. Cow needs to move onto the bed.
Giving up on the move, Tweetsie goes to sleep on the bed.
In the morning, Tweetsie tries again to move Ms. Cow.
She made progress. Ms. E. Cow is getting closer.
Almost there! This is hard work!
Mission accomplished! Ms. E. Cow is on Tweetsie’s bed!
Lunchtime for Tweetsie. She needs nourishment now.

Tweetsie is one determined little bear cub. We can’t wait to see all three of the cubs together. Cubby mischief and mayhem! Stay tuned.