Over the weekend, Curator Janet was concerned about Tweetsie Bear (#304) and took her to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment. When she returned after two days at UT, she was a changed cub – perky and ready for anything. Just see what she did when she got back.

Tweetsie came right out of her carrier to check out her room in The Hartley House.
She investigated Ms. E. Cow, sister to Ms. M. Cow, on the bed.
She explored, climbing into the bed and under the Cubby Bower branches.
Tweetsie climbed up on the hammock-swing.
From there, she climbed onto the Cubby Bower. She has great balance!
Tweetsie ate her dinner and then went to sleep.
Meanwhile, in the next room, the two boys seem to have worked out their differences and are getting along well.

We were hoping they’d become friends, and it looks as though they will be. When Tweetsie is able to join them in a few days, they will be a merry trio, we are sure.